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The fiscal representation (VAT) in Switzerland

Do you want to sell your products or services in Switzerland and win the hearts of your customers? Then fiscal representation in Switzerland is crucial to the success of your business.

Imagine how easy it would be to trade in Switzerland without any difficulties while maintaining your competitiveness. This is possible due to the application of a Swiss resident as a VAT fiscal representative. Let’s work together to ensure that your business is successful in Switzerland!

Fiskalvertretung Schweiz
fiscal representation (VAT)

When do you need fiscal representation in Switzerland?

Imagine you run a successful business with a worldwide taxable turnover of over CHF 100,000 and provide services in Switzerland. It can feel like a chore, but registering your business in the Swiss Value Added Tax (VAT) register is essential to be successful and maintain your competitiveness.

It can be difficult for foreign companies without a place of residence or business to operate in Switzerland, but with VAT registration and fiscal representation you can ensure that your company can operate successfully in Switzerland in the following areas:

Repair, installation, construction and cleaning services in Switzerland

This is about the contract of work (delivery with assembly, assembly only or service). It is the promise of a certain success in the work or the result of the whole work.

Some examples are the delivery of machinery or equipment after assembly, the delivery of flooring after installation, and cleaning services.

Delivery of products for which you wish to voluntarily carry out import and customs procedures in Switzerland

Do you want your customers in the online shop to pay for the goods with delivery to Switzerland, including all customs duties? A fiscal representative is necessary for this.

We will gladly tell you how you can do this.

Providing websites, software, music services

This concerns the provision of electronic/digital services to non-taxable persons or customers in Switzerland.

Examples include the electronic provision of websites, remote maintenance of programmes and equipment, software, music, internet hosting, downloads of graphics/texts/info/games/movies, etc.

The installation or implementation of software physically in Switzerland is also included.

Logistical services

More and more foreign craftsmen are working on Swiss construction sites. Materials and/or semi-finished products that are imported into Switzerland and subsequently assembled and installed here must be handled properly in terms of customs and VAT. For this reason, logistics agents on the one hand and tax representatives on the other are needed.

Other logistical services, such as operating a warehouse in Switzerland from which Swiss customers are supplied, also require a fiscal representative.


Swiss VAT can be a challenge for online retailers with e-commerce platforms.

The foreign mail order company must register as a VAT-registered company in Switzerland if it wishes to charge Swiss VAT directly to its Swiss customers. 

Every transaction that takes place across the Swiss border requires an assessment of the VAT and the customs duty to be paid.

Other physical services in Switzerland

The organisation of events, training courses or, for example, the provision of architectural services for properties located in Switzerland, require a fiscal representative.

We will represent your foreign company in Switzerland
according to tax law.

We will represent your foreign company in Switzerland
according to tax law.

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fiscal representative

What does the fiscal representative do?

The function of a fiscal agent is best defined by its scope of activities. Federal Fiscal Representatives, or Swiss VAT Fiscal Representatives, are primarily responsible for the following tasks:

Evaluation Tax liability and registration

Assessment of tax liability in Switzerland and Registration in the Swiss VAT register

Preparation of statements

Preparation and submission of VAT statements incl. verification of the corresponding incoming and outgoing invoices


Managing correspondence and negotiations with the Federal Tax Administration (FTA)

Leave the complete VAT processing in Switzerland to us without hesitation.

Leave the complete VAT processing in Switzerland to us without hesitation.

Your advantages

What advantages does it bring to your company?

  You receive a business address in Switzerland

  You streamline the processes by significantly reducing your own effort

  Your tax liability is optimised - we take care of it

  No second bookkeeping: the Swiss sales with 7.7% VAT and import VAT are booked as input tax in your financial accounting.

  Input taxes refunded more quickly than with the refund procedure

  Customer-friendly localisation - Swiss VAT can be invoiced directly to the customer.

These customers trust us.

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Our prices

Do you want to ensure that your company’s value-added tax affairs in Switzerland are handled in accordance with the law?
Our offer includes a one-time registration fee and an annual payment for the preparation of statements and full communication with the authorities.


One-time fee

490 CHF

(excl. VAT)

  • • Review of VAT liability in Switzerland
  • • Evaluation of the input tax refund
  • • Application for a Swiss VAT number
  • • Discussion of the optimisation possibilities

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Annual fee

from 1.490 CHF

(excl. VAT)

  • •Quarterly preparation of VAT statements
  • • Management of correspondence with the Federal Tax Administration (ESTV)
  • • Preparation of an annual sales statement
  • • Accompaniment of possible appeal proceedings
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Our experience is your insurance for a carefree handling of the VAT obligation in Switzerland.

Our experience is your insurance for a carefree handling of the VAT obligation in Switzerland.

Do you have any questions, requests or concerns about this topic and would like to get to know our services better?
Then contact us directly now: our experienced tax experts will be happy to support you and guarantee you the highest quality!
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