What does a house construction have to do with a trustee?

What does a house construction have to do with a trustee?

Surely you know situations in which you want to save money and
therefore do without an expert. Does that also come to you in terms of things
Accounting and billing? Then you should definitely read on, because
we will show you why it is worthwhile to get a trustee to help.

Opportunity cost

Imagine you want to build a house. To save costs,
you decide to take care of the matter yourself. Against this speaks
nothing really, actually. But don’t forget all the time,
that you need to deal with the new topic. There is
Experts who do these things out of sheer experience in their sleep. Do you build
twice as long at your house, this will not be cheaper on the bottom line. The
Time that you can’t use for other things, because you are interested in the
Accounting is taken care of, called opportunity costs.

Benefit from many years of experience

Thanks to our many years of experience, we already have various situations
and know what really matters. It happens that the
Federal tax administration or the cantonal compensation office
Random checks on companies. This does not only apply to larger
Companies, but also SMEs. Here, even a small mistake can be fatal
Consequences are what high costs and default interest can cause. We
are also at your side in extraordinary situations.

Trustees in 2021

The area of responsibility of a trustee is versatile. You take over the
Management and administration of the accounting of companies. An important part is
also to keep track of the tax savings. An expert often finds
savings potential even with supposedly simple tax returns. At
this has an even greater impact on larger companies.
But even in the case of annual financial statements or VAT, a trustee can
support. Both are mandatory in Switzerland. Especially in the case of
VAT often raises questions. Qualifications and tax knowledge are
therefore necessary for this rather demanding task.


By digitizing your accounting, you benefit from a
Time savings of up to 44%. With the help of the software used, we have
the possibility to access your accounting and to answer any questions or
To support ambiguities. Through various interfaces you can
Carry out transactions in just one program and also keep an overview.
Benefit from our experience and dedicate yourself in peace to what makes you and your company special.

We are ready to set up a stable foundation for you and if you want,
also to take over the house construction in terms of accounting for you.


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