What can Bexio actually be used for?

Accounting with Bexio
No matter if you already use Bexio for your accounting, or still need the last arguments to convince you. In our current blog article you will learn what you can use Bexio for. This is much more than just payroll accounting. We will also show you why a trustee and Bexio are a good combination.

Bexio and Trustees
Bexio brings together what belongs together: trustees and customers. With just one click, we have access to the accounting of our clients. Thus, we can support you with all questions, make processes more efficient and make an individual division of labor. If you have any questions, we can assist you directly through the transparency.

What is Bexio
Bexio is a business software that supports you in your everyday office life. As a Swiss accounting software, Bexio is at the top of the race, whereby the software is particularly suitable for start-ups and SMEs. From central customer management to order processing to simple accounting, the software keeps an eye on everything. The path from an offer to the invoice takes only a few clicks. Monitoring customer payments is child’s play thanks to the integrated banking interface.

What Bexio offers you

· Bexio makes everyday life easier for you through automation. So that you have more time for your core business again.

· The escrow software is cloud-based. This allows you location-independent access. The data is stored in a certified data center.

· Together with UBS, Bexio has developed a solution that enables various interfaces. This is possible, among others, with Credit Suissse, Postfinance or Zürcher Kantonalbank.

Bexio Billing Model
Bexio offers three different pricing models. The advantage here is that you only pay for these Bexio services, which you really need.

Starter: A slim package for beginners. From 29.-

· Management of accounts, invoices and orders

· Online Accounting

· VAT settlement

· E-Banking

· Product Management

· Time recording of simple task management

· Create delivery and setup notes

Pros: The standard package for SMEs. From 59.-

· The ability to attach files to a contact

· A complete warehouse management

· Complete time recording from posting to automatic warehouse movement and recording of supplier orders

Pro+: The full range of functions for larger teams. From 99.-

· Complete online payroll accounting

· Legal advice for your SME

As you can see, Bexio has a lot to offer. Since we mainly serve small to medium-sized companies, the Starter and Pro versions are particularly in demand with us. Of course, we are very familiar with all the functions of Bexio.

Our Bexio Support Service
We at PrimeConsulting Zurich are the preferred Bexio partner with Gold status and have valuable experience. On the other hand, we can support you from the moment you set up. This step is enormously important. From experience, we can say that many mistakes happen at the beginning. Once you have set up your accounting incorrectly, it continues to drag on. Unfortunately, we have to clean up entire accounts more often than it would be necessary. These mistakes are avoidable and entail unnecessary costs.
To prevent this from happening, we also offer individual Bexio support services in addition to the setup service. For this, we are happy to take the time to answer all questions and to look at the accounting with you individually. So you can also get started with Bexio.


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